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Article written by Tim Lowing, featured in the “The Lowdown” section of The Airdrie Echo on January 9, 2019.  
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“As I’ve shared here before in The Lowdown and on my weekly videos, the Thomas T band will be in full Jam this coming New Year at the Toad and Turtle. The first Saturday of the next few months the Jam will start at 3PM where I am certain you will be able to take a moment to sit back, tune in and check out for a few hours. 

I think I’ve shared with you previously my admiration for those who can take to the mic, sing and play to the pleasure of an audience. I love singing however I keep it to myself for the good of all life around me. I have a wonderful guitar, a vintage Harmony Meteor hollow body with those sexy “f” cuts through a varnished pine body. The steel flat wound strings, currently staring right back at me while I write these words, glimmer from the reflection off the original pickups. Those flat strings demand a lot of your finger tips and as of late, mine have softened. However, when primed the sound of them is a sound unto itself. A depth all their own, I love how the language of music speaks to so many of us. No one teaches a baby to dance, it’s something we all come with. 

I was at this last Saturday Jam and got to know Thomas a little better. Thomas came to Calgary when the Husky tower was big news in its inception and he has never looked back. Always a passion for the Blues, Thomas cemented his name in the history of the music scene in Calgary with regular appearances across the city including playing the King Eddy for over a decade on a regular basis while sharing the stage with such legends at Pinetop Perkins, Matt Murphy and Eddie Shaw. And now we have the pleasure of the Blues in Airdrie. 

“It’s all about bringing more culture to Airdrie and there are a lot of musicians in Airdrie that people aren’t aware of so this is the perfect venue to bring those people together and remember this is a Jam and we hope to see more musicians join us”. 

In fact, the Thomas T Band includes Airdronians Iain Bickle on drums, James MacArthur on the keyboard and Rick Macleod on Sax. The band members can fluctuate which is the nature of running the business of music. I can relate to the challenges of seeking bookings, managing expectation and people. And although Thomas has always been present, there was a hiatus where he dialed back for a few years and then resurrected himself. He landed at Slaughterhouse Studios in Calgary helping others work their craft. After a few years there he found himself back at the front of his band. Funny how so many of the artists I speak with have had these life altering moments that re-inspire the drive and passion of one’s work. It’s almost as though it’s necessary. I understand this as during the height of my touring career, when everyone around me thought I had everything you could have as a comic, I walked off tour. There was a lot happening behind the scenes and my reasons were sound. To this very moment that was one of my best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life. That lone decision launched a level of creative awareness and education that today is making all the difference. 

The focus now for the Thomas T band is on expansion. He aims to create a circuit of opportunity to work on a regular basis in Calgary and surrounding areas. This isn’t just about Thomas either, this is about a lot of other people including those in the band and those who are yet to come. Also, this is about creating energy at a time in a province where simplifying your life for few hours with some friends and some great music is a welcome inspiration to challenging days. 

The best part for interested parties who might be looking to book the band is that when you see the Thomas T Band, you’re listening to a seasoned professional with seasoned professionals in the band itself. These guys are good and have the range to be a part of your next fundraiser, corporate function or large music festival. I can tell you that after two sold out performances at the Toad, Airdrie agrees with me when I say that the Thomas T Blues band is excellent. 

To learn more about Thomas and the Band visit thomastblues.com where there is a plethora of information and pictures for you to check out. Also, you can call Ann Boland at 403-922-2343 for booking information. Thanks again for reading The Lowdown! Visit my online at lowingmedia.com and hit those social media links!”