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My sister and I have been following the Thomas T Blues Band since the early days of the King Eddy.  We would spend our Saturday afternoons listening to the Blues, and celebrating the best music that Calgary has to offer.  For the last fifteen years we have become faithful followers and we have been so excited to see the evolution of the band.   They are more skilled and as tight as they ever have been.

Do yourself a favor and head down to hear the soulful music of the Thomas T Blues Band.   You are guaranteed to have a great time and leave with a smile on your face.

Debra Armstrong

The atmosphere and energy that the Thomas T Band provides at their shows is nothing short of addicting. 

You can tell the band sincerely loves what they do as their enthusiasm with the members and their audience is fantastic.

If you love Blues you have to go check out a show with the Thomas T Band and bring your dance shoes!!

The "A Team"

Tom has a special intimacy in his music that is such a pleasure to be a part of, when playing at home for guests, or just by the fire pit.  Always a treat!

Terry P.

To see the Thomas T Band live is just great! I never knew that you could get so much from musical instruments. Guitars and horns are just terrific!

Donna Evans

I attended a lovely event at Franca’s where you performed the entire evening. You, Tom, are an amazing guitarist and vocalist. Every song you sing you make your own. I loved the tunes and plan to hear you again soon. Thanks for a lovely evening!

B. Stoddard

There is something really special about the awesome opportunity to be able to experience a band that has class, sex appeal,  and a vibe that you can tap your toe to dance or just get lost in the sound.  I personally have a very eclectic taste in music but am happy to say (now that I have experienced Thomas T Blues) that I can put rhythm and blues at the top of my list for a type of entertainment that allows me the freedom to socialize in any setting while being completely entertained.  I love their sound their vibe and their look! 

Your Biggest Fan, Lindina